Dualsky Mini Breeze 24" EPP

List Price: $40.00
Price: $40.00

Small, Light and durable.  These features make this mini a great indoor plane.  This indoor aerobatic 3D airplane is made of EPP, a flexible yet light weight material.  This model is an excellent choice for high performance aerobatics.

 The Mini Breeze Pro is designed by a professional pilot from the Dualsky team.  It excels with unmatched flight characteristics and high flying performance.  Stability is a key characteristic built into the plane to allow many different amazing 3D and pattern maneuvers.

 If you use the Plug N' Play system, you will not have to solder anything!  This greatly increases the ease of assemble and time required!

 When building this model, please use the lightest components available for the best performance!

This plane comes with everything required to build it except electronics.


  • Wingspan:  24.5"
  • Length:  26"
  • Weight:  75-85g
  • Foam:  2mm EPP
  • Plane Comes:  Painted
  • Motor: 7g 25w or 10g 40w motor
  • LiPo: 150 - 200mAh 2s
  • Servos:  3 x 3.2g and under
  • Or 1 x 3.7g and 2 x 3.2g and under

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